I am rebuilding the relationship I have with myself

Yes, I do the work too!

Getting COVID last month taught me that the relationship we have with ourselves is vital to our well-being.

Whilst I am feeling recovered, I am rebuilding the relationship I have with myself.

This has to be in balance, or we can find ourselves grasping.

Grasping for something outside of ourselves.

As you can probably tell, this work is as applicable to me as it is to you.

On the first weekend of September (Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th), we will explore the Relationship Needs Blueprint together, in person, in London.

An intimate, in-person weekend for anyone wanting choice, transparency and dialogue around relationships.

I would love you to join us.

I will be there to connect with each of you and myself. Every time I do this work, I learn something new.

Expect a maximum of 12 people in a spacious home setting, having fun, digging into what really matters with heart, soul, pens, paper, creativity, sharing circles, and more.

During this weekend, I hope you will come away with:

  • More awareness of the types of relationships available and the impact societal expectations have on so many of us

  • A sense of the aspects of relationships that are important for you to feel nourished, secure and balanced

  • A framework for having conversations with those you are or want to be in a relationship with

  • Ideas and techniques to get the kind of relationships you want

Will you join us?

I hope so

Join us for the weekender

Full details are here in the event listing, and if you have any questions, do let me know.

Much love to all


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